Middle School Football is canceled for today | 8/14/2023

Softball: Softball game scheduled for Tuesday, March 10 has been rescheduled for Thursday, March 19 @ 5:00pm at Calvary.
Softball: Tonight’s softball jamboree has been moved to Calvary - JV 4:30 V 6:00
Boys Basketball - On schedule: Tuesday, Feb 18 7:00pm @ Green Oaks - Change: Thursday, Feb 20 7:00 @ Green Oaks

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Calvary Artsonia Artwork
Calvary Artsonia Artwork


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Building on Success

Discover college success at Calvary with our highly qualified teaching staff. Learn more about earning college credits through Louisiana Tech at the Calvary campus.

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Magnet-Enhanced Program and Curriculum

CBA has already begun implementation of its new standards-based, enriched program and curriculum. Through collaboration and professional development, teachers are continuously learning new ways to provide for academic rigor, and to incorporate critical thinking skills into daily lessons. We strive to develop our students’ abilities to analyze, evaluate, and create – ultimately to think!

Our goal is to prepare our students not only to be competitive in our world’s college and career domains, but also as described in Calvary’s mission statement: “To be arrows of truth and light.” With the support of new “BJU Press” materials, teachers will be prepared to aid Calvary students in their development of a biblical worldview perspective.

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Here at Calvary, we also extend our growth outside of the classroom and off the court. Every week we join together in worship and fellowship. We also give back by serving our community and each other.

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For more information about joining Calvary, see our registration packet for the 2022-2023 school year. Furthermore, if you would like a campus tour, please contact the school office by phone or email us at