Dual Enrollment

Calvary - LA Tech Dual Enrollment

  • Calvary Baptist Academy, in partnership with Louisiana Tech University, is pleased to provide an opportunity for qualified students to earn college credit while enrolled in high school courses.

  • All courses in the dual enrollment program are taught on the CBA campus during the regular school day. CBA students have the opportunity to earn both high school and college credit for the courses in the CBA Dual Enrollment program

College Credit Earnings


And Growing
And Growing
252 Hours
First Year
48 Hours

ART 290 – Art Appreciation
Fine Arts

CHEM 120 – Intro to Inorganic Chemistry
Chemistry Honors

CIS 110 – Computer Tools for Business
Intro to Business Computer Application

HIM 103 – Intro to Medical Terminology
Medical Terminology

ENGL 101 – Freshmen Composition I
English IV Honors

ENGL102 – Freshmen Composition II
English IV Honors

MATH 101 – College Algebra
Pre-Cal or Algebra II DE

MATH 112 – Trigonometry
Pre-Cal or Algebra II DE


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  • Benefits

    • Accumulate college credit while receiving the support of CBA dual enrollment teachers, counselors, and administrators.
    • Potential to graduate from college earlier and at a lower total cost.
    • Students that receive dual enrollment credit at CBA will be able to concentrate on other core curriculum courses their first year in college.
    • With the uncertainty of Louisiana TOPS funding, this is a great opportunity to receive college credit at a considerable discount.

  • Tuition

    • Application Fee – all dual enrollment students are required to pay an annual $20 application fee to Louisiana Tech. If seniors choose to attend LA Tech for college after high school graduation, they are not required to pay a second application fee for admission to LA Tech for their freshman year.
    • Tuition – a discounted rate of $150 per three credit hour courses will be charged and paid to LA Tech. Regular tuition for the three-credit hour course is $926 – savings of $776 plus cost of books.
    • Additional Costs – additional costs are subject for individual courses for required recourses (ex. software, course packet).

  • Eligibility

    * It is recommended that students begin taking the ACT during their sophomore year to work towards achieving the requirements for dual enrollment by 11th grade.

    The criteria to enroll in college level, degree credit courses:

    • On track for completing the Louisiana Core 4 curriculum
    • 11th or 12th grade academic standing
    • Minimum ACT Composite score of 18

    The following ACT sub-scores are required for individual courses:

    • English 101 – Freshmen Composition I: ACT English sub-score of 18, enrolled in CBA English IV Honors
    • English 102 – Freshmen Composition II: ACT English sub-score of 18, completed English 101 with an A or B in the course, enrolled in CBA English IV Honors
    • Math 101 – College Algebra: ACT Math sub-score of 19, enrolled in CBA Pre-Cal or Algebra II DE
    • Math 112 – Trigonometry: ACT Math sub-score of 19, completed College Algebra with an A or B in the course, enrolled in CBA Pre-Cal or Algebra II DE
    • CHEM 120 – Intro to Inorganic Chemistry: ACT Composite of 18
    • Art 290 – Art Appreciation: ACT Composite of 18
    • HIM 103 – Introduction to Medical Terminology: ACT Composite of 18
    • CIS 110 – Computer Tools for Business: ACT Composite of 18